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Where Potential and Prosperity Meet

Staff4U, Inc. offers administrative and general management consulting services, temporary and placement staffing, and professional training.

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Staff4U, Inc. is a small minority woman-owned business headquartered in the Hampton Roads Virginia area where we have been providing exemplary services.

Staff4U, Inc. was borne as a vehicle to address the demands of business owners to have a cohesive and organic environment of value-added team members leading to more efficient and effective operations potentially increasing production and profitability and, as such, we focus on placing key talent in positions of growth.


It is our mission to provide a holistic approach with real world solutions to organizational environmental challenges that will lead to a prosperous and productive workplace

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  • 541611 Administrative Management & General Management Consulting

  • 561311 Employment Placement

  • 541612 Human Resources Consulting

  • 561110 Office Administrative Services

  • 561320 Temporary Help

  • 611430 Professional & Management Development

  • SAMS (CCR) Registered CAGE CODE: 8JGE5 DUNS: 117465077

  • Small Woman-Owned and Minority - Owned Business (SWaM): 813688



bridging the gap between potential and prosperity...


Staff4U, Inc. began some years ago with the idea of helping people find employment where they can flourish. We understand what it's like to be at a place of employment where you are not valued. We understand that a single parent is the only source of income for the family and needs a company willing to provide that work life balance. We understand how our veterans or military friends are retiring or separating from the military and find it difficult to transition to an equivalent position as a civilian. We understand.

While on the other hand, we understand as business owners the importance of having a cohesive environment that can lend itself to a more efficient and effective workforce resulting in increased productivity and profitability. We understand.

We spend so much of our time at our place of employment as such
Staff4U, Inc. believes in a holistic approach to organizational challenges. We provide administrative and general consulting, placement and temporary staffing, as well as, professional training.

Here at
Staff4U, Inc. we are Passionate about Placing People in Position to realize their Potential so that they may live in Prosperity. Staff4U, Inc. is where Potential and Prosperity meet.


Tara McGee, Member, Society for Human Resource Management

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As President, Tara McGee, who is a 3rd generation entrepreneur is passionate about helping business owners and individuals realize their organizational and employment potential. She believes Staff4U, Inc. is a vision shared by God as a vehicle to be used in service to others. Using her experience as an operational auditor, quality assurance coordinator, and fraud investigator, she applies a systematic approach to identifying business vulnerabilities and best business practices. Additionally, she is fueled by her passion to help others realize their potential by being employed in an environment where they can flourish.
She considers herself a lifelong learner and with her desire to move
Staff4U, Inc. forward she returned to college to receive her Master in Business Administration. Although, she believes in the diligence of learning; she, also, believes in the importance of work-life balance.

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Connect with Tara and the Staff4U, Inc. team at 757-745-7900 or and let them assist with your organizational or employment needs.



Your dream candidate is just around the corner.

Staff4U, Inc. is passionate about placing key talent in positions of growth. We work with companies to assess their talent/staffing needs, as well as, organizational environments so, that we may determine how we may be of assistance whether with permanent placement or with temporary staffing to fill a short-term gap.

We work with potential employment candidates to assess their desired job requirements whether it is long-term or short-term positions, work environment, skills and experience, dependability. At
Staff4U, Inc. we believe it is imperative to not only the company, but, also, the candidate to place them with a company where they feel they can be the most productive.

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Want to work with the best?


Whether it's finding key talent for your team or finding an environment where you can flourish, we can't wait to help you get started.


Let us help you with decisions that can lead to more efficient and effective operations.

Our mission is to provide a holistic approach with real world solutions to organizational and administrative concerns relative to strategic and organizational planning and business process improvements. Our team has more than 20 years of experience and knowledge working to identify vulnerabilities, determine best business practices, and solve problems with a systematic approach.

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Staff4U, Inc. believes in a holistic approach to assessing the needs of the clients. As your strategic and organizational planning consultant, we will assist management with assessing and developing a plan for implementation regarding not only their long-term goals that identify the best opportunities for growth but, also, short-term objectives, as well as, operational plans for policies and procedures. Lastly, we will work with management to develop contingency plans.

Business Process Improvement

Staff4U, Inc. is able to provide a unique perspective as it relates to business process improvements. We will assist management in identifying the effectiveness and efficiency of the most critical operational processes. Additionally, we will work with management to develop process maps and identify major gaps. Using this information, we will work with a cross-functional team of subject-matter-experts to develop a plan for implementation of solutions that mitigate the identified gaps.

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Staff4U, Inc. believes in the power of companies and individuals being placed in positions where they are able to flourish. Our team building events and professional training workshops are uniquely tailored to inspire and achieve collaborative team relationships and assist with skill and performance enhancement, respectively.

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Team building events and training workshops include opportunities for a team to build trust, learn to effectively communicate, master conflict, the importance of effective teamwork, and time management. Each event or training is delivered by highly experienced and professional facilitators either in person or virtual.

We can't wait to hear from you! We want to help! Let us help by providing professional training and team building


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15064 Carrollton Boulevard, Suite 1 Carrollton, VA 23314 BY APPOINTMENT ONLY


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