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Why We Started

Staff4U, Inc. began some years ago with the idea of helping people find employment where they can flourish. We understand what it's like to be at a place of employment where you are not valued. We understand that a single parent is the only source of income for the family and needs a company willing to provide that work life balance. We understand how our veterans or military friends are retiring or separating from the military and find it difficult to transition to an equivalent position as a civilian. We understand.


While on the other hand, we understand as business owners the importance of having a cohesive environment that can lend itself to a more efficient and effective workforce resulting in increased productivity and profitability. We understand.


We spend so much of our time at our place of employment as such Staff4U, Inc. believes in a holistic approach to organizational challenges.  We provide administrative and general consulting, placement and temporary staffing, as well as, professional training.


Here at Staff4U, Inc. we are Passionate about Placing People in Position to realize their Potential so that they may live in Prosperity.


Staff4U, Inc. is where Potential and Prosperity meet.


As President, Tara McGee, who is a 3rd generation entrepreneur is passionate about helping business owners and individuals realize their organizational and employment potential. She believes 

Staff4U, Inc. is a vision shared by God as a vehicle to be used in service to others. Using her experience as an operational auditor, quality assurance coordinator, and fraud investigator, she applies a systematic approach to identifying business vulnerabilities and best business practices. Additionally, she is fueled by her passion to help others realize their potential by being employed in an environment where they can flourish.


She considers herself a lifelong learner and with her desire to move Staff4U, Inc. forward she returned to college to receive her Master in Business Administration.  Although, she believes in the diligence of learning; she, also, believes in the importance of work-life balance. 


Connect with Tara and the Staff4U, Inc. team at 757-745-7900 or and let them assist with your organizational or employment needs.



Tara McGee,

Member, Society for Human Resource Management

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